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We buy aluminum cans.
Currently paying - - -

.44 per pound

We buy all kinds of aluminum, including cast aluminum, siding, wheels, wire, storm doors, sheeting, and running boards.

Price depends on quality and quantity of aluminum content. Call us for an exact price quote.

We buy and sell copper, brass and other metals for scrap and resale.

We also buy and sell cars and light trucks and can even pick them up for you.


Recycle Your Cans

Aluminum can recycling provides many environmental, economic and community benefits to individuals, communities, organizations, companies and industries.

Environmental Benefits

  • Recycling aluminum cans saves precious natural resources, energy, time and money - all for a good cause - helping out the earth, as well as the economy and local communities.

  • Aluminum cans are unique in that in 60 days a can is recycled, turned into a new can & back on store shelves.

  • Cans are infinitely recyclable. A recycled can requires 95 percent less energy, generates 95 percent less emissions and creates 97 percent less water pollution than generating new metal. Therefore, purchasing beverages in aluminum cans, then recycling is a simple way to reduce one’s carbon footprint. Higher recycling rates ensure a steady supply of high value recycled aluminum delivering incredible value and benefits for all stakeholders.

  • In 2008, an estimated 54 billion cans were recycled, saving the energy equivalent of 15 million barrels of crude oil - America's entire gas consumption for one day.
Source: The Aluminum Association, Inc.
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